Whitesmith delivers innovative, premium solutions for construction and related channels to local and international markets.
Our approach is to grow a portfolio of quality solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our diverse customer base.
We are New Zealand owned and operated with active links to international partners and strong national connections.

We are a connected, influential and innovative company driven by a team of high calibre individuals who leverage their collective genius. With robust internal communication, sound business practices and an attitude of no complacency, we supply our construction related channels with quality products.

We identify and partner with suppliers from around the world enabling us to offer world leading products and services to the markets in which we operate. Our portfolio of brands, secured with supply agreements, sees us as a trusted partner for innovators and organisations from all around the world. We are continually evolving and maturing to ensure we remain relevant to our client base through product evaluation and lifecycle management.

Our team is highly regarded across New Zealand. Whitesmith have a strong visible presence ensures we remain at the forefront with our broad range of customers as a valued supplier.

We have created a company founded on the values that we uphold for ourselves. As a collective group, we act these values both in our own lives and at work. We are constantly seeking to raise the bar. Our entrepreneurial spirit creates a successful mindset/platfrom in delivering premium products to you and your team. Through constant self analysis we seek ways to improve ourselves and deliver what we promise.
  • We put customers first
  • Entrepreneurial innovation
  • Energy and passion 
  • Value experience and expertise
  • Act with integrity, and deliver what we promised
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